Product Categories

We have our own base of production with a good numbers of production capability and
Also vast range of products in Multimedia FTTA & Electronics.



We provide a wide range of headend products including HD Encoder, CI slot, SD encoder Modulators, IP Qam &, IRD's
TLPX1600H small


With our help and Tech we have an end Servie provider can have an ease in developing an optic network for the users with wide range and mesh of all type of g upstream ports
TLP-02-704 small


FTTH multi service products can provide many serices to the end user with fiber optics including Digital cable landlines Internet with no berriers.

LED Bulbs

Specialy made to over come power fluctuation factors in Pakistan to provide Max durability and best Quality.

Set Top Box

Upto ten years of experience in Producing STB the functions we have in this product are limit less controled by CAS mobile casting more CPU means more speed at the end our user gets MAX features from one device.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Manufactured and Tested in such a way that it provides best Performance for Maximum time in thepower conditions present in Pakistan.